Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

A Drum Teacher's proudest moment is when a student steps into the recording studio for the first time. This is as true as anywhere at Drum Lessons Derby and taking those extra steps is something we greatly encourage. Recording can be an intimidating process as you make the step up from the average attic drummer to recording your first professional sounding piece, so Drum Lessons Derby has compiled a list of the best music studios in Derby to help you comfortably make the next level!

Dubrek Studios

Dubrek Studios host Derby's largest rehearsal spaces. They also offer recording. Dubrek has been recording for 13 years and caters for all genres and styles of music. Their rates for rehearsal are £9 per hour, which includes all equipment hire within the 230 square ft acoustic room - an essential for any drummer that likes to hear their beat as loud as possible! 

Recording rates sit at £25/hr or £200 per day (assumed 10-hour session but this is not confirmed on their website. We advise you confirm this yourself with the studio to save yourself from any unexpected extra cost you might run in to!). The Studio has experience producing many records so they're certainly worth a shot!

Dubrek Studios, 6 Becket St, Derby DE1 1HT.

Telephone: 0795 158654


Sound Hub Studios

Sound Hub Studios is run by a music production team based in Belper, Derbyshire. The facility includes rehearsal rooms as well as recording and boasts its own record label. The producers here have over 60 years experience in the industry so you can be assured to receive the best guidance recording here as well. 

The studio welcomes music of any type as well as graphic design for album covers etc. There are three studios fully equipped with all the equipment you would need but they do allow you to bring your own equipment if you feel more comfortable/practised doing so, so get in touch with them and get a quote today!

Sound Hub Studios, King Street, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1PS.

Telephone: 07515 560693.

Radar Rehearsal Rooms

Radar Rehearsal Rooms is an independently run business that operates rehearsal spaces in Derby city centre. They have free parking available and have any equipment you may require for hire. The rates here are some of the best in Derby at £8/hr.

Rehearsal rooms are a must for drummers who want to make as much noise as possible without driving your family up the wall - or neighbours for that matter! Drumming in your room can be a controversial topic at the dinner table but a visit to Radar Rehearsal Rooms will make this issue a thing of the past! 

Radar Rehearsal Rooms, St James Street, Derby, DE1 1RN.

Telephone: 07925 126976

All Styles Covered

I teach all styles and genres involved in drumming and will improve your ability and build your confidence in drumming. You will be able to learn the drums playing the songs you love alongside tailor made exercises that are guaranteed to push you to that next level. No matter your drumming background I have the lessons that will help you achieve your drumming goals.

To arrange your first drumming lesson or to find out about me or the tuition services I offer, give me a call on 01332 498038 or send me an e-mail.

Achieving success in music is by no means an easy task, and at Drum Lessons Derby we cannot emphasis enough how anyone can learn to play the drums if they are dedicated and passionate about the instrument

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